Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Challenge

I twisted my friend Amy's arm into creating a challenge for us for June 1-15. Here it is:

1. Post in our group daily
2. Get 30 minutes of cardio or exercise each day
3. Avoid Caffeine

So glad that the hard work for #3 was already done. I just need to avoid the chocolate, unless it is unsweetened.

Another woman in my group posted this picture for an Ab Challenge. I am also doing this and I WILL STICK TO IT!

So, my month should shape up to include at least 5 days of CrossFit a week, this Ab Challenge, along with my normal healthy eating (leaning more towards paleo every day), and some running. I'm doing two-a-days every week day that I am not working so I can get my running where it needs to be. 

June is my month!

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