Monday, June 24, 2013

Whole 30: Lifestyle Change

This morning, I'm embarking on my Whole 30 Journey. This plan for food is pretty simple, Eat Good Food. Its a very strict version of the Paleo Diet. I will eat protein, produce, and healthy fats. I will not eat grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, or other processed foods.

I'm focusing on what I CAN eat, things like chicken, beef, eggs, sausage, bacon, avocados  cashews, olive oil, coconut oil, any fruit or vegetable. This is 30 days of eating whole foods, good foods.

I've been reading the book It Starts With Food and I'm somewhat prepared for what the next 30 days will entail. The first week will be rough. After week 2 I should be good to go. No cheats, none. None, none, none.

Steven has agreed to start this process with me, and no matter what, support me in this. I cleaned off a shelf in the pantry and filled it with Whole30 Approved foods. Declan and I hit the local Co-op and Safeway this afternoon to fill the fridge with fruits and veggies. I've found some great recipes and I'm encouraged by the fact that there are virtually no limitations of how much good food I can eat. As many vegetables as I want. As much protein as I need to stay satisfied and there is so much variety!

I'll be updating and keeping track via my blog, along with my workouts from this week. I hope that I'm as excited and upbeat about this on Day 7 as I am on Day "0."

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog until I just saw this link on Facebook. I love it :)

    And I need to do another Wole30. I might just do it with you :) I celebrated the tri being over with lots of non paleo food this weekend. And I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck!!