Monday, June 17, 2013

Brain Freeze

Today was another awesome Monday. I started off the day with the Spartan WOD:

100 m sprint
10 push-ups
100 m sprint
10 lunges
100 m sprint
10 push-ups
100 m sprint
10 squats
100 m spring, 100 m recovery x 2

Then I went to Annihilation class with Jill. It was a rough day! Lots of jumping jacks, squats, and some weight work.

Then, I headed to CrossFit for my favorite (?) part of the day. Tonight's workout had 3 elements, quite possibly my 3 least favorite elements ever.

50 Double Unders ( I can't quite do these yet, so I did 150 singles)
50 Slurpees - medicine ball slam - burpee - thruster - with a 15# ball
50 Sit-ups

I completed it in 13:59, and no, I won't ever round that up. My goal was 15 minutes and I'm pleased to have met that goal.

Another good day in the gym, and I'm excited about our adventure tomorrow!

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