Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Running Recap

In February, I logged 41 miles of running. This is my highest monthly total, ever. I'm currently on week 3 of half-marathon trsining, and my longest run to dste has been 5.5 miles, just this past Sunday. I'm down 6.6 pounds since January, and I think its really helping my stamina and speed. By the end of March I should be running 8 miles and I hope to be down another 8 pounds. My time goal for the half-marathon is now 2:30. The mileage challenge for March is 70 miles.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Racing Against Cancer

This year, I am once again volunteering as Treasurer for the Fado's Annapolis St. Baldrick's Fundraiser. The event is March 11th, and we are hoping to raise $80,000 this year.  While i am not shaving my head, I would like to raise money for this event. I am doing  fundraising run. For every $50 that is donated by 11 March, I will run 1 mile. 

To donte, simply visit my page, here.

Please spread the news and help us beat cancer.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Lenten Challenge

I've never been a huge "giver upper" for Lent. I would much rather focus on doing this that make me a better Christian and a better person. This year I am running everyday for Lent. This will help me to reach my yearly mileage goal of 300, help me to prepare for my half-marathon in May, help me to continue on my weight loss journey, and force me to take some time for myself.

My training plan has me running 4 times a week, so on my "off" days I am running st least 1 mile, but doing it without a timer and without my iPod. I am running in silence and alone (hopefully without the stroller) and using the time for reflection.

I've encouraged others to do this, or some variety of this, by adding something instead of giving something up, my challenge is on Daily Mile, and you can follow my progress there and here, as i plan to recap each Sunday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I'm all about challenge this month so I added a photo challenge! I'll post here and on FB.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Goals Recap & February Plans

My January Goals were:
1. Lose 5 pounds
2. Put every $1 in the savings and not spend it

As of this morning, I am down 6.2 pounds. We are still working to remember to put our $1s in our savings jar. But we've collected about $10 so far. Not too shabby.

My February Goals are:
1. Lose 5 more pounds
2. Organize the garage (and those blasted foot lockers!)
3. Hit 6 miles in my long runs.

One of the things I started on Jan 8th was to work out every day for the rest of the month. I succeded in doing that. I'm hoping to hit 30 total running miles in February.