Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heavy Day & Maintenance Day

I've been asking the coaches for a day where we can discover our max weights on certain lifts to see where we are. I was rewarded with a "Max Effort" day on Wednesday.

We had 15 minutes to find our max weight for 1 rep on back squat, push press, and then our 3 rep max on power cleans.

I hit 205# on back squat (which was good considering my recent back soreness but not great considering I hit that weight back in March.)

For push press I did 90#. Which was a 15# increase from the last time I did push press.

I totally biffed it on the cleans. Why this move is so hard for me, I just can't understand. I can do it at light weight just fine, but get to 95# and I crumble. Its so frustrating. Anyway, I did 80# on Wednesday.

Thursday I hit the Buckley AFB gym and, since there was limited space and equipment, did a little lifting.

Power Cleans
5 at 65#, 10 at 75#
Front Squats
5 at 95#, 5 at 105#, 5 at 115#
Back Squats
5 at 95#, 5 at 145#, 5 at 155#
Push Press
5 at 65#, 10 at 75#

Tomorrow I get to go workout at Crossfit Verve. I'm very exited about that, but nervous at the same time.

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