Thursday, June 13, 2013


Wednesday was my date day with Declan. Throughout the summer, I'm doing some special things with each kid, and some trips together. Last week Abigail had Friday with me, this week Declan had Wednesday. We started the day with a 1/2 mile run on the track. Declan was thrilled with this. Then we went to Annihilation with Miss Jill. Declan loves going to this class with me, he gets his own mat, his own step, his own weights and he works out hard. We did box jumps, squats, lunges, push-ups, and he did it all with me.

After a stint at the playground, a lot of errands, and some nice relaxation at home, we all headed to CrossFit. My kids do not like that they have to play with other kids at CrossFit instead of working out with us. But, we let them workout a little bit afterwards. They swing on the rings, do pull-ups, squats, and handstands.

Yesterday's WOD was Mari. It was pretty brutal, but relatively short. The average person did it in 10-15 minutes.

10 Burpees - 1 Pull-up
9 Burpees - 2 Pull-up
8 Burpees - 3 Pull-up
7 Burpees - 4 Pull-up
6 Burpees - 5 Pull-up
5 Burpees - 6 Pull-up
4 Burpees - 7 Pull-up
3 Burpees - 8 Pull-up
2 Burpees - 9 Pull-up
1 Burpees - 10 Pull-up

I had to modify my burpees and step-out instead of jump due to my back (which is slowly getting better!) and I used the black band for pull-ups. This was a huge step for me. Two weeks ago I was still jumping off the box. It really feels like I may be able to do a pull-up on my own before my birthday. I completed this workout in 12:04. My rock-star of a husband completed it in 5:15.

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