Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Know Squat

Front Squat
Today my coach asked me if I check the website for the WOD before I come in. "Of course," I said, "how else do I know what socks to wear?"

Today we did a workout involving front squats. These used to scare me, but now I embrace them. So, of course, I wore my purple socks. They say I KNOW on one and SQUAT on the other. They are SoxBox socks, one of my favorite pairs.

Today's Workout for time:
5 rounds
10 Ring Dips (I did mine with the green band)
5 Front Squats 95#
10 Renegade Rows 15#

Since I'm apparnetly a glutton for punishment, and I love working out with my husband, I skipped my evening run and went back to do the workout again. This time we did it for strength, increasing in weight on the front squat.

Renegade Rows
I did a few sets of the ring dips and renegade rows, but spent most of my time on the front squats.
First Round: 5 reps at 105#
Second Round: 5 reps at 115#
Third Round, first attempt: 2 reps at 135#
Third Round, second attempt: 1 rep at 135#
Fourth Round: 5 reps at 125#

So another successful day at Crossfit Cochise. I love going there, I love the coaches, I love the people we workout with. Such a great feeling when I walk into the gym.

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