Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: The Plan

All of you know I am a planner, almost to a fault. However, I don't always follow through on my plans, especially when it comes to plans for myself. I've learned that writing things down and publicizing them help me stay accountable. I have two big goals for 2012, and a bunch of smaller goals. I will focus on the smaller goals one at a time, starting a new one each month. Here are the first few....

2012 Goals: Run 500 miles and lose 52 lbs.

January - put every $1 bill in the change jar for deposit and lose 5 lbs
February - organize the garage, hit 6 mile long runs, and lose 5 more lbs
March - run a 10k in less than 75 minutes, lose another 5 lbs and purge the closets/storage for a yard sale

I also hope to do a lot more coking myself and purchase substantially less processed foods. I plan to make our own breads, frozen waffles, pasta sauces, etc in hopes that we have an overall more healthy lifestyle.

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  1. AND, I will finish one craft project a month until I have them all done!