Monday, January 30, 2012

The Beauty Challenge

This morning, a friend invited me to this Event on Facebook. It was one of several invites I had pending this morning, and I almost skipped over it. I'm very glad I didn't. The information is below and I couldn't help but thing this is a great idea. Abigail is still too young to know about stereotypical beauty, but as I thought about it, we have already instilled "pretty" into her vocabulary. I want both of my kids to know that beauty comes from within, and that we are all created in God's image. 

**The Beauty Challenge**
I know it'll be hard, but thats the point, we will change and we will help change the lie so girls can live the TRUTH..that we ARE beautifully and fearfully made!~
We will be fasting from makeup, jewelry (except wedding rings) and dressing up for a week to fight the lie that our beauty is found in anything else besides our Creator. To symbolize that we're learning how God is our source of beauty! Laurens (my daughter) college started this and I am SO proud that young women stood up and had this kind of courage..I am a Mom and therefore accountable to show how to live..I am standing up with them! Who will join me..Thursday Feb 2nd thru the 9th..(copy and paste and lets see how many will join in to change young girls view and beliefs about Beauty!

IF your IN! please say YES and lets defeat the lie..let His beauty be our confidence!~

For one week (starting today) through next Sunday night, I will not wear makeup, I will only wear my wedding ring, and I will make a conscious effort to dress for the occasion.

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