Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leading by Example

One of our goals this year is to save more money. Specifically, in January, we are not spending $1 bills. They are all being saved and put into our savings account at the end of the month. Declan loves putting change into our change jar, and now we are teaching him about saving money in general. The perfect opportunity came today from Sunday School.

Our church has a program to help children whose families live on less than $2 a day. For 2012, they are asking that the children bring in $2 each month for 12 months to help those other families. We decided to have Declan do this. We put an envelope by the calendar and on the first Sunday of the month, Declan will take his $2 and his envelope into church. I'm going to give him $1 bills that we are saving and have him put them in that envelope, explaining that we take part of our money and give it to the church and those who need it. 

Its as close to tithing as he can get. And it will be a wonderful reminder to us to make sure we tithe each week. I hope that by teaching Declan it is important to give, we are setting him up to be a charitable and giving man.

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