Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Take Two

Our playgroup on base (well, one of them) went to Summer's Farm in Frederick to explore the Pumpkin Patch this week. To put this in perspective ... Six vehicles filled with 10 moms, 1 grandma, and 24 kids!

This Farm was full of activities for us. A hay ride, corn filled sandboxes, several big slides, mazes, animals, and a giant inflatable pillow for jumping. That's where our adventure started.

The kids and I had a blast on the slide. Declan adventured first, then I sent Abigail down. The best part was watching them try to climb the hill holding hands. At one point, they came tumbling down together. Then, I took Abigail down, it was so much fun!

Then we threw the kids into the corn filled sand-box. Of course, the day would not be complete without some adorable pictures. 

I made this little dress for Abi to wear on this trip. I really wanted to find Declan's Halloween shirt, but ended up dressing him in a green polo, which was wonderful, because in the sea of orange girls, I could find him very easily.

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