Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crockpot Oatmeal

My kids and DH love oatmeal. So much so that when I sent DH to the store for oatmeal, he bought a big container of oatmeal so he could supplement his Quaker Flavored packets. Unfortunately, he bought Steel Cut Oats. The kind that takes over 30 minutes to make in the morning. Well, I love my family, but getting up 45 minutes before everyone else to make them breakfast? Eh. Off to google......

Its so simple! Here are the basic steps:
  1. Line your crock pot bottom with some Aluminum Foil
  2. Find an oven proof bowl that will fit all the liquid you will need AND will fit in the crock with the top on(4 cups for 4 servings) - I used my Pampered Chef Pour-able 8 cup Batter Bowl
  3. Pour in the oats, then add the water and milk. We like our oatmeal creamy, so I did half milk and half water.
  4. Add water to the crock, at least enough to cover half of the oatmeal bowl.
  5. Put the top on, turn on low, and go to sleep.

I made mine with peaches, so I put the them into the bowl before cooking them. The peach flavor was everywhere! After it was done, I added some extra milk, a little brown sugar, and Yum!

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