Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double Baptisms

October 9th, at our "home" church in Harrisonburg, Virginia we celebrated the Baptism of both of our children. It was so nice to have our families with us and to do it in such a welcoming and sentimental place. DH and I were married there almost 5 years ago, and the kids have frequently visited that church. Pastor Dave, who helped us start our lives together, officiated.

Abigail's sponsors are my sister Maggie, and our dear friends (who we met while in AZ in 2007) Andrew and Kate. Declan's are my best friend from college Rachel, and his Uncle David and Aunt Carrie. We are so happy that everyone could make the trip for their special day.

After the service, we gathered downstairs for some lunch and, of course, cake. Here is one of my favorite pictures from the day, a family picture!

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