Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Part-time member of the 0530 Club

My good friend Kate, courtesy of the Happy Housewife, has started getting up at 0530. While it seems SO early, especially on the days my kids sleep in, I've now committed to being a part-time member. On the days I'm running, I'll get up at 0530. Then I (hopefully) have time to run a few miles, shower, drink my coffee, do my daily devotional, and start my day BEFORE the kids start clamoring for food. Today, I did just that. I ran a sluggish 2 miles this morning and was home, before Reveille.

Tomorrow, since its my off-day, I will get up at 0630 and hopefully enjoy my coffee on my front porch before beginning my day. Anyone else want to be a part-time member of the 0530 club? Its really not so bad. Its beautiful and quiet that early in the morning.

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