Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4

And still going strong! Today I had to wake the kids up at 8am! I had about an hour all to myself out on the porch with my coffee this morning. Then the kids and I picked up Declan's friend Cameron and went to the library. The boys had so much fun picking out their own books! This will definitely become a regular event!

Today was a run day and it was fantastic! I ran an 11 minute mile. That is a new best time, and it was the longest I have run at one time since I started running. I then walked for about 4 minutes and ran another 8 minutes. I did just shy of 2 miles in 22 minutes and I am very happy with that.

Tomorrow is a shred day, Saturday a long run, and Sunday will be yoga. I cannot wait to complete week 1.

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