Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend, Part I

We finally have a 4-day! It seems like a really long stretch compared to the monthly training holidays in Germany.

We took an early morning trip to Target with the kids and tackled some housework. Steven hung our family crest frames in the dining room and we spent a good bit of time preparing for my yard sale on Saturday. After naps, Steven enjoyed some cigars with a friend and then we finished up the night with pizza. An amazing storm hit the area, with purple clouds.

I started the day early with a yard sale. About 10 other moms and I set up for a huge yard sale. I had a great time, made $20, and left with two boxes less than what I went with! And, I only bought two other items while I was there. That is a true victory. Saturday evening I played Keno with friends and had a wonderful time. I was a big winner and walked away with 4 prizes. Since the theme was Beach Keno, several of them will come in handy for our beach vacation in September.

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