Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 9 of the Challenge

Today I splurged a bit at lunch, there's a nice back story, but I think I countered enough of it by my 2 mile run tonight. In 24 minutes. With a new mile personal best of 11:05. :)

Back Story
My friend (and Pampered Chef consultant) from Germany, has a friend who had to be moved to Bethesda from Germany due to pregnancy complications. She had to move so quickly and by a certain date, that her husband and young son were not able to come with her. They will be here soon, though! She is going CRAZY alone and cooped up in the hotel, so we went to lunch.

Tomorrow is Day 10. Weigh in day! I'm hoping to report a few pounds lost, but I'm even more excited that I get to buy a new book on the Kindle!

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