Friday, February 1, 2013

January Recap

January was a very busy month for this family. Declan started pre-k and absolutely loves it! Abigail goes part-time to a neighbor while I go to work. Yes, that's right work. I'm now gainfully (part-time) employed. Husband had surgery to remove the hardware from his icy-fall in 2010. I put in 50 miles of half-marathon training in January, hit a personal record on a 10k race, facilitated three workshops, and read 10 books.

February is a short month, but today is the first day and my calendar is packed already. I have two local workshops, one where I am travelling to New Mexico, another new race distance, 8k at the end of the month, and hopefully I get to read a few more books.

Health and Exercise:
50 miles in January is the most miles I've ever run in one month. By far, I may add. Before his, the most miles in a month was 37 in February of 2012. Wow, just looking at the numbers shows how far I've come in this running journey. My goal for February is 75 miles. And I'm going to continue to focus on other aspects of my health/exercise. A fellow runner/busy mom/fitness friend is doing a few other challenges and I'm going to hop in with her on that. Also, I'm cutting out all soda. That is right, making a HUGE commitment to that now. NO SODA FOR FEBRUARY. NONE. If you see me with a soda can, take-out cup, etc. Please, take it from me, through it away, and then make me do 10 burpees. Right there, no excuses.

I'm still reading the Scarpetta Series in order, I'm going to hit the library today and pick up numbers 8 through 10 and start on them after I clean the house today. I'm also hosting Book Club tomorrow and hope to meet some new people who enjoy reading and get some new ideas on books. I'm about 6% ahead of schedule on my 75 books in 2013 goal.

All in all, January has been excellent. I'm thoroughly enjoying work and getting much more comfortable dressing up every day. I'm very happy with our new house and our life here, but I am looking forward to seeing old friends and family in the coming months. Hope you all had a wonderful January!

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