Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Project: Step One

So, I decided to tackle the project by dealing with what is currently in the "home office area." Then, as I get that organized, set up the way I like, I can add the rest of the stuff (ie, paperwork, office supplies, computer wires) to an already organized area.

I'm starting with the baskets/bags/boxes of stuff underneath. As I find paperwork, I am putting it either in the plastic bin I am using as file cabinet OR directly into the shredder. This should truly make life easier. At least, I hope.

After the bottom half is done, I am moving to the mounds of paperwork on top of the printer. Same concept, in the box to be filed or shredded. And, I already have a cup for pens, a few baskets for envelopes, stamps, etc.

This blogger, highly suggests a Home Mail System Organizer. Awesome! I have one! It has enough slots for:

  • bills to be paid/checks to be cashed
  • outgoing mail 
  • And a "to be dealt with later" section
  • And, it has a spot for our keys, which is key

Now, I fully plan on color-coordinating and organizing our file system, but right now, I'm focused on getting it all in one place and off of the desk.

And, look at all this open wall space! I have tons of room to add shelving, wire baskets, etc to make things more functional. I have some idea of things I want to purchase, but I'm going to try to reuse as many things in my house as possible, so I can come in under budget. 

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