Monday, July 18, 2011

Product Review: Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse

The day after our wonderful vacation, I started the Cleanse. I loved the idea because it allows me to keep eating! Most of the cleanses out there want you to drink their special stuff and not eat other food. How impractical! I definitely have been watching what I eat, but I am still eating!

The best part about this Cleanse is it forces you to drink water! You add 1 bottle (1 fl.oz.) of the liquid formula and add it to 32 oz of water. That's it! Now, I found the taste to be a little bitter, so I add half of the bottle to my first 32 ounces and the second half to the next 32 ounces. There, that's it!

By day 3, I had lost 2.5 lbs. I felt great! I have been eating my normal calories, drinking Arbonne Protein Shakes, eating some Fit Chews to tide me over until the next meal, and I'm very happy. I feel energized and I haven't been hungry yet.

By day 5, I was down a total of 3.6 lbs. The main ingredients in this formula are various juice powders, senna leaf extract, different types of algea and herbs. Arbonne boasts the Cleanse will prepare the body for a weight management regimen while it gently cleanses your system. It also supports liver and GI health as well as internal antioxidant activity. The formula has 20 calories per serving, with 5 of those being carbs and 2 being sugars.

By day 7, I had lost a grand total of 5 lbs and am back on track for my regular weight loss. This 7-Day Body Cleanse by Arbonne will definitely be a part of my weight loss routine. I plan to use it once every 2 to 3 months, after a vacation where I slide into poor eating habits, or when I hit a plateau and need a boost.

If you made it this far, you've got to be very interested! This product retails for $49. If you contact me for orders here, and use the code: SummerBlog when contacting me, I will sell it to you for $39 +tax. (Local orders will receive Free Shipping.) Boost your health today!

As with all Arbonne products, the cleanse is available directly through me, or on my website.

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  1. Did you eat normal foods or do you use it dairy free? I have no problems cutting out the caffeine and alcohol, but the dairy and gluten are hard for me to loose.