Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its Quiet...yet still busy

Declan is visiting his grandmother for a few days. I'm really not sure why I suggested this as I miss him so much! I know he is having a blast and I am enjoying spending time with just Abigail. DH has been home a bit this week, on a nice schedule and we've been enjoying more family time than we're used to in the army. I'm trying to remember to cherish it because it will not always be this way.

Apparently, Declan wears Abigail out, as she has done almost nothing besides sleep since we dropped off Declan. I know she misses him, as she kept pointing to his seat in the car and crying on the way home. But I think she enjoys being the center of attention.

Physical therapy is going well, I'm not quite cleared to run yet, but she did say 2 minutes at a time for 10 minutes total, so that's better than nothing. I like my therapist, she's a reader, as well. Today we discussed books to read and she gave me a few new ones to add to my list. I don't think I'm going to hit 50 this year, but I do have a bit more going on than last year.

The final bit of news is that I have applied to be a vendor in a craft fair in November. Two days of Arbonne, Arbonne, Arbonne for me! I really hope that it goes well and I'm successful in getting my name and business out there. My short-term goal for Arbonne is to be able to pay for half of Declan's preschool. I think it will be doable and fun.

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