Monday, May 20, 2013

CrossFit Goals for 2013

I talk to my workshops every week about setting goals and writing them down. Of course, at that point I'm talking about professional goals working towards their transition, but it works for all goals. So, here are my CrossFit Goals for 2013.

1. Do a pull-up by the end of the year, on my own. Just one.
2. Join the 1000 pound club. (This means that the total of my deadlift, bench press, and back squat weight equals 1000.) Right now I'm at 185 for deadlift, 95 for bench press, and 205 for squat. So I basically need to double all of these weights to hit it.
3. Break the 35 minute mark on my 5k. (Not entirely CrossFit related, but I know getting stronger will make me faster.)

*And, of course, I reserve the right to updated, modify, and reevaluate these goals whenever I see fit.

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