Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Running Goal

In 2012 I ran 283 miles, I fought off a stress fracture that thwarted my first half-marathon plan. I trained for a 10k and was tripped up (literally) by a piece of trash and sprained my ankle. I ran a 5k in a personal best of 38:09, almost 2 minutes better than my first race of the year.

2013 Goals:
500 miles for the year
5k in under 35 minutes
10k in under 70 minutes
13.1 miles in under 3 hours

Tentative Race Schedule:

19 January - Ice Breaker 10k, Ft Huachuca, AZ
10 February - Fine Valentine's Couple Relay, Tucson, AZ - with my wonderful husband! 
2 March - Phoenix Half-Marathon
24 March - Arizona Distance Classic, Quarter Marathon, Oro Valley, AZ
May/June - RMM Meetup 
20-21 September - Napa Valley Ragnar Relay - - MAYBE?
Thanksgiving Turkey Trot - destination TBD, wherever we are at that time!
December 2013 - Tucson Half Marathon

How I'm going to reach my goals:
Well, I'm part of a fantastic running group, the Running Mom Mafia, and we support each other in various ways. In January, we are doing a pushup and plank challenge to strengthen our bodies in ways other than running. I imagine we will continue to find challenges like these throughout the year. 

Another group I'm in, is a group of runners from Ft Meade, our last duty station. They also do challenges, mostly mileage challenges, and I'm still participating in those. The first challenge there, is Plow Through the Season and runs from Jan 2 to March 20, and it is to run 10 miles a week, every week, for 11 weeks. That will put us at 110 miles, which is right on track for my 500 mile yearly goal. (Obviously I will surpass this goal, with running a half marathon in March, but that is ok!) This group has a year long challenge that will compile all our smaller challenges and that is to run 1000 miles in 2013. I'm really not sure I will hit that goal, but I will continue to join in each of the challenges and see where we go.

My year-long training plan looks something like this:

Jan & Feb - half marathon training: 2-3 runs per week, one long run on the weekend; RMM pushup and plank challenge; annihilation (a class at the gym) whenever possible

Mar & Apr - run half marathon, quarter marathon and then 2 mid-week runs and a 6 mile long run; continue weight training

May - Sept - maintain 5-6 mile long runs, triathlon training (cycling and swimming); continue weight training

Oct & Nov - half marathon training

Dec - run half marathon, and then maintain 5-6 mile long runs

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