Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday & Thursday Cleaning Recap

Can you believe I got a day behind? Me either. Anyway. according to my schedule, Wednesday is the kitchen. From looking ahead, I realized there was no day for living room, play room, dining room ... what? So, I revamped a bit. Yesterday we cleaned those main rooms, which is really quiet easy, as the kids are getting better as picking up their chores.

Today, Thursday, is "errand day." We took that a step further and hit Costco in the "big city." We will not need another Costco trip in 2012, I'm sure. Hopefully not for a few months, actually.

When we got home from errands, I cleaned the kitchen. Kids napped were quiet in their room while I did dishes, cleaned out the fridge, wiped down every counter/flat space and put out our new Christmas baskets we purchased half-price from Michaels. (Did I not mention we went there too? I needed a craft shopping trip.)

I also worked on adding a portion of my shot glass collection to the display on top of our cabinets. My Uncle Tom made me these awesome wooden display shelves and I am glad to have a place to put them again.

So, now we are four days in to our new cleaning routine. I think its going very, very well. This weekend we will do more unpacking and begin Christmas decorating. Next week we will add in "school at home" routine.

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