Monday, November 26, 2012

Daily Cleaning: Monday

I found this fantastic cleaning breakdown on Pinterest. I decided moving into a new home was the perfect time to implement. Combining this list with these blog posts on chores appropriate for toddlers, we jumped right in. Here's how our Monday morning went:

6:50: "Mama, the sun is getting up!" from Abigail. I was halfway through my first cup of coffee and they inhaled two bowls of cereal each.

7:30: "One Spiderman and Friends, please Mom!" from Declan, as he's using the remote to set it up. Sure, I'd love to finish my coffee.

8:00: Time to get dressed!

8:05: Monday cleaning ..... Bathrooms!
Declan's chores: wipe down the toilets (the whole toilet, even by the floor), put all the towels, washcloths, and floor mats in the washing machine, and take the trash out to the garage. He was awesome at this! Attacked the toilets with the Lysol wipes, covering every inch at least twice. In fact, as we were in my bathroom, he exclaimed, "I forgot to wipe the flusher in my bathroom. Be right back, Mom!" I really hope he cleans with such fervor as we go through the week.

Abigail. Well, not so great. In her defense, she is battling croup and, as we now know, an ear infection. Nevertheless, the tears started the second I started brushing her hair. After a few meltdown moments, I sent her to her room. She was there about 5 minutes crying and then knocked on the door, "I'm ready to clean Mama." Abi's chores are to wipe down the door knobs and the front of the cabinets. She also helped Declan with the towels in my bathroom, since there are "so many." She got into the cleaning spirit. I think as she starts feeling better, she'll adjust to it.

8:35: The kids were putting on their shoes to go outside and play, and I was finishing up the bathroom floors with my new, fantastic, Swiffer Sweep Vac. Day one of cleaning was a success!

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