Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Cleaning: Tuesday

This morning, Declan bounded out of bed a little before 7, and since I was being lazy, he crawled in with me. He's been sporting his new Cars button down pajamas, which he had to have because his arms were cold during the night. He crawled in, rolled over on Steven's pillow and pretended to snore. What a way to start my day.

At 7 precisely, Declan woke up Abi and they decided that breakfast should come before Morning TV. So, after a bowl of oatmeal and cereal, respectively, they headed to their rooms to get dressed. Declan asked on numerous occasions, "What are our chores today?"

Tuesday is bedroom day. Luckily, most of the things on the bedroom list have been done this past week during unpacking, so it was pretty easy. While the kids were eating breakfast with their Dad, I stripped their beds and laid out their clothes. They got themselves dressed (mostly). And then picked up their toys and got everything off the floor. That was really all they needed to do today. While they watched their morning Spiderman show, I Swiffer Sweep Vac'd their bedrooms and remade their beds. Two bedrooms - done! The guest room (which has been renamed GeeGee's room - since my sister Maggie was the first to stay there) was really simple, just needed the floor swept. My bedroom required a little more work, as the laundry was ready to be done, and my room tends to be the catchall. But, I'm currently on my third and final (for today) load of laundry and I've put away most of the things that have a place.

Its 1:30pm, I've accomplished a LOT today. Breaking down the cleaning into 30 to 60 minutes, spread throughout the day has helped so far. I feel like I have time to get everything done and my kids are learning to help.

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