Saturday, December 10, 2011

Race Report: Reindeer Run

A nice, brisk, sunny, winter day in Maryland. I was so excited to wake up and see the sun! The last race I ran on base was windy, rainy, and cold! I drove the race course last night and that was a huge mental help to me. I was able to see where I would need more energy and where I would be able to start pouring it on at the end. I started out well, paced myself decently down the hill and into the second half-mile. I loosely followed my normal run/walk ratio for the first 10 minutes or so and then buckled down into a run 4, walk 1:45 rotation until I hit the 2.75 mile mark. I knew I was a little off my goal pace but I felt strong and comfortable. When I turned the last corner, I picked up the pace and sprinted the last .1 mile. I finished in 42:29(ish- official results to come later) and was really disappointed with my time. But then I remembered that time isn't everything. I felt strong the whole race, I walked only when I was scheduled too and I finished strong. It was a great race to end 2011 and a wonderful way to head into the 2012 racing season.

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