Friday, December 9, 2011

New Traditions

This year marks our first Christmas as a family of four, spent together. Adding to that , we are in our own house and do not have to move this year! I am so very excited! Declan is over the moon about celebrating Christmas and we've taken the time to enjoy decorating/preparing with the kids this year. On Monday, Steven and Declan hung lights outside. Declan and Abigail race downstairs in the morning to move the present on the Advent Calendar and we've been enjoying crafts.

I have lots of Christmas decorating crafts planned, but today we did finger puppets. My friend Rachel made some with her kids and then sent them home with me for us to make some. We'll pass them along as well, here's the finished product.

Hopefully we'll be able to complete some more projects this weekend and be on our way to a nicely decorated house!

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