Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Night, Gorilla

Anyone who spent an evening with Declan last summer was probably asked to read Good Night, Gorilla to him. The rather hesitant ones quickly realized that their part of the reading involved saying, "Good Night" repeatedly. Declan filled in all the rest of the words. He even opened his eyes and mouth wide to act surprised just like Mrs. Zookeeper does.

This summer, Declan reads his favorite book to Abigail. He reads all the words now, as she "helps" to turn the pages. She even remembers when to act surprised! She hasn't quite figured out the snoring part that comes at the end, but giver her a few more days.

Nothing is sweeter than watching Declan reading to Abigail. And absolutely nothing makes me prouder than to see them cuddled up together reading books.

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