Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Declan's Bit 0-3!

Declan turned 3 yesterday. I cannot believe it. But he had a wonderful day.

We went out to lunch at Chick Fil-A and for the first time ever, I let him get ice cream for dessert. His daddy helped him eat it, since it was huge! Then, after naps, we gathered at the pool with his friends and had cupcakes and went swimming. After his special birthday dinner, he chose meatballs, we opened presents and Declan worked on his new lego set with DH. It was a wonderful day for everyone. And we get to do it again with our family on Saturday!

Isn't it wonderful when your child likes the latest fad? Cars 2 Juice boxes!

Wonderful cupcakes, hand iced by the wonderful Kate Cole!

The birthday boy waiting for his cupcakes.

Opening his Lego Mater kit.

Showing Daddy how happy he is to have Legos!

The finished product.

The proud papa and Mater.

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