Friday, February 4, 2011

One week in...

Well, with one week of unpacking complete, I am proud to say we have one room left! The dining room is full of boxes, there is one box of "odds and ends" to go through upstairs and then there are the boxes in the storage room that need to be organized and stored better. Add to that about 500 footlockers, ok, more like 10 that also need organization and labeling and we are done! My short-term goals are to park in the garage again by the 14th and to be rid of boxes and have a storage solution for each of the remaining things by 1 March.

Our garage is definitely large enough to keep the footlockers in there until we are ready to go through them (that will definitely wait until Steven is up for the task as 95% of the stuff is his). When my brother comes to visit, he will help us put up shelves in the garage to make a pantry. He has many other jobs too, but that is the main one. After that everything that doesn't have a place or use is out!

We have at least two more walls to paint, and I hope to have that completed by 1 April. It should be a reasonable goal, as I can do these walls during naps a few days during a week. I'd also love to start hanging things on the walls, but I'm not sure what is going where, so that will be an ongoing project.

The kids are finally adjusting and thriving here. Declan has made it through the last few days using an open cup at the table. Woo hoo! Abigail has entered that daring stage of crawling and pulling herself up. And, I received some beautiful housewarming flowers from my father today. This was a good week and I can only hope it gets better from here!

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