Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doctor's Notes

The kids went to their new pediatrician today. I liked her and her nurse very much, I just do not like how stressful the appointment was. I felt pulled in a million directions. (Fill out all this paperwork - twice, even though the info is the same. Undress them, dress them, weigh them, etc.)

Declan weighs 30 lbs, and is perfectly 50% on both height and weight. The doctor told him no more milk at night and gave us a plan to be off the sippy cup at night in 2 weeks. We tried the plan at naps and it took 2, 2oz cups of water before he went down. So far, so good.

Abigail weighed in at 17.2 lbs, putting her in the 5th percentile. (On my chart, she was 30%). She's perfect in every way, of course.

The kids loved the office because there were tons of toys. We go back for Abigail's 1 year check-up in early April.

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