Wednesday, February 2, 2011

History Repeats Itself

Today, my son locked me out of the house. Apparently, my husband, when he was very close to Steven's age (with a younger sister close to Abigail's age) locked his mother out of the house. Like we needed further proof Declan is Steven's son. Here's the story....

I walked outside to put something in the car. I went to go back inside and the deadbolt was locked. So, I rang the doorbell and Declan came running to the door. He said, "Yes, Mommy?" I said please open the door and he couldn't reach. Well, after several moments of panic (but, thankfully, no crying or screaming from either child) I remembered I had the garage door remote in my car. Now, this is one moment where I am very glad we got that nifty, code to unlock your car system (good one dear!), and I was able to get in via the garage. I went to the front door and sure enough, he had locked it, and in my attempts to open it and his attempts to unlock it, we had jammed it pretty good. The repair man will come tomorrow.

When I asked him why he locked the door he looked at me like I was crazy. He said, "Mommy lock door when Daddy go to work." In his head, locking the door behind someone leaving is what you do. Guess I learned my lesson too. Oh Declan.

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  1. Ok, so when I have kids, always wear a spare key around my neck. Got it.