Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maryland State Trooper

Today, while driving home from Steven's appointment at Walter Reed, I saw a Maryland State Trooper car (which is brown and I think kinda funny looking). It was in front of us and then he turned into a turn lane, and then immediately got into the lane behind me. I knew he was going to pull me over, I just couldn't figure out what for. He pulled me over, printed the car, and came to my window.
Trooper: Ma'am, we have a seat belt law in this state and I saw you put your seat belt on when I was driving in front of you.
Me: (Astonished). I don't understand. I've had my seat belt on the whole time.
Trooper: Ma'am, this stop is being recorded audibly and visually.
Me: Sir, I had my seat belt on the whole time. I just adjusted it across my chest.
Trooper: Ma'am, I appreciate honesty.
Me: Sir, I understand. I am not lying. I adjusted the seat belt like this (showed him).
Steven: She had her seat belt on the whole time.
Trooper: Sir, are you saying she had the seat belt on the whole time?
Steven: (slowly getting exasperated) Yes.
Trooper: Ma'am, let's consider this a warning. Have a nice day.

Wow. Really? I now know that Maryland is one of those states in which you can be pulled over for not wearing your seat belt, but I would have loved to see this guy prove to a judge that I was indeed, not wearing my seat belt in the 30 seconds he saw me in his rear view mirror with my husband stating that I was wearing it the whole time.

Jeez, find some real criminals.

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