Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Babies, One Doctor

This morning the kids went for their well-baby appointments. Declan was adamant about going first. He was weighed, measured, and checked out by the doc, then it was "Abi turn." When it was time for shots, Abi went first because Declan didn't need any immunizations. Abigail screamed, of course. Declan ran over to her, tried to hold her hand and immediately began singing: Abi, Abi, Abi. When she was done, Declan bravely said, "Declan turn!" He was such a great big brother today, he made me very proud.

Declan, 27.5 lbs, 33 inches
Abigail, 14.4 lbs, 23 inches
Both are perfect, of course.

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