Saturday, September 11, 2010

Downtown Adentures

This morning, the kids and I ventured downtown to the Farmer's Market. Just getting there was an adventure! Once we arrived at the market (thanks to the German couple who carried my basket and held the doors for my double stroller!), I immediately purchased the most gorgeous strawberries I have ever seen. We also bought some blueberries. We wandered the market and then saw the set-up for the International Fest that is being held tonight. After passing the Fire Truck display, we went shopping in the downtown Pedestrian Zone. I unloaded the kids to go into the Gummy Bear Store and from that point on, Declan was intent on walking, without holding my hand. Luckily, he stays close and enjoys the freedom without pushing his limits. As we circled back around towards the market, Declan started clapping his hands to the salsa band that was warming up and even danced a little. It was adorable. Abigail slept most of the time, of course. So, my first venture to the Farmer's Market was a success, we will definitely repeat this next weekend.

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