Friday, July 5, 2013

The Girls of CrossFit

No, I'm not talking about my girlfriends, I'm talking about the workouts that are named after girls. Why? As one guy stated, "Because if you are going to end up laying on the floor after a workout, its nice to know it was named after a woman."

Here are the girl workouts, and here are my times on them. I hope to get each one in by the end of 2013 so I can improve drastically in 2014.

Keep in mind this chart is generally scaled for men, so the women's chart will be a bit lower on scaled weight.

I try to hit everything Prescribed (Rx) but on some things its just not possible yet. My goal is to get everything Rx, which will of course mean nailing the kipping pull-ups soon, and then improve rapidly on time.

I like the idea of the Just Yo' Body workouts as travel days or off days from the gym.

Mix it Up:
Jackie (May 31) 14:12; box pull-ups
Fran (May 9) 7:25; 45# Thrusters, box pull-ups
Elizabeth (June 28) 13:37, 95#; pull-ups instead of ring dips due to shoulder, green and blue bands

Nancy (June 25): 22:22, 10#; due to shoulder

Lynne (June 24)  71 reps, 85#, black band for pull-ups

Get Heavy: 
Linda (May 14) 42:49; 145# Deadlifts, 75# bench press, 85# cleans
Grace (May 1) 10:42, 75#
Isabel (May 7) 4:00, 45#

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