Saturday, October 27, 2012

MCM Expo

This morning, I loaded the kids up into the car and we headed into DC for my packet pickup. First step, was to secure a parking spot and then ... tailgate! The kids chowed down on homemade lunchables and then we hit the T-shirt pickup area. Declan thought it was awesome, so many people, so many numbers, and he got one of those livestrong-type bracelets from the Fisher House booth.

We headed inside and, this is the best time to mention all the Marines at the expo. So very helpful and courteous. One of them helped me carry Abigail in the stroller up a few of the entrance stairs. Another one directed us to the shirt pickup, and a third went through a free samples line with us to pick up the items so I could push the stroller. Amazing service!

Declan conned the poster from the poster guys, saying it was "cool." I bought a new skirt, the gorgeous digital camo one, and some black arm warmers. One of the best parts was each time we passed a booth or maneuvered around someone, they commented on how adorable and well behaved the kids were. It was refreshing to see how they appear, and was crucial in reminding me not to expect too much of them, they're only kids.

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  1. I didn't realize that was a skirt! How cute!!! I'm really sorry the race didn't go well, but I'm happy to hear that the expo was good and they were helpful.