Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween doesn't exist in Germany, unless you live close to a military base. Then, it is a cross-cultural event. I will never forget last year, hordes of people seeking candy! This year was a little more subdued, however, because we tricked them! (Pun intended). Due to daylight savings and the 31st falling on a Sunday, the army in Wiesbaden decided Halloween would be on Saturday. Two hours of Trick Or Treating and then a full day for the kids to run off their sugar highs before going back to school.

This year was Steven's first Halloween at home since we had Declan. I couldn't wait to get the kids in their costumes and start snapping pictures. Those of you who saw Trinette's pictures of Declan last year will understand when I say I didn't get as many pictures as she did but I enjoyed the evening immensely.

Being the Old Navy shopper that I am, the kids had Halloween shirts/outfits to wear during the day and under their costume. Here they are playing in the laundry basket and with Steven prior to getting dressed up.

We headed out Trick or Treating and were lucky to have Memere and Pepere with us. (Think extra hands to chase kids, take pictures, and push the stroller. Also, more people trying to sneak Declan candy!) Declan made it two houses before we loaded him in the double stroller. He got tons of candy since most people wanted to give some for Abi too (how silly!) and didn't scare very easily. When he was done, or more accurately, I was done pushing the stroller, we ended up at Karin's house. There Declan helped hand out candy from the comfort of Dana's arms.

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