Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Race Report: 9/11 Tribute Run, Glen Rock, NJ

I've apparently become the person who plans a trip and then finds a race to run. This time, we planned a trip to North New Jersey where my grandparents live and I found a 4th of July race in a nearby town. This 9/11 Tribute Run in Glen Rock is organized by two 9/11 widows and has been run for 10 years. Its a small, local race, about 250-300 people and is accompanied by a 2k walk.

I registered online and then talked my sister, Maggie, into running with me. This would be our second race together. On the morning of, her boyfriend Alex, a sprinter, decided to run it too. This race was my first ever without music. I ran well, ran hard, and set a personal record. I took walk breaks, but did not analyze where they were in the race, and was able to sprint in to the finish.

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