Sunday, November 20, 2011

Race Report: Give Thanks to Lebanon 5k

The most important thing I learned this weekend was that its pronounced Lebnin not Lebanon. Saturday morning was quite chilly, barely hitting freezing before we started. Chastity and I were all ready for our run! It was pretty flat course that started at the top of a hill and had spent some time on the trail. I started out strong, but way too fast. When I stopped for my first walk interval (planned at the 4 minute mark) I was ahead of Chas and she checked her GPS watch. I was on pace for an 8 min mile. That's only about 3 minutes faster than normal. It fell apart from there. Tight calves, cold chest, tired legs. I finished in 45 minutes. I am super bummed, BUT I did it. I finished the race running, I chalked it up to experience, consulted with the Running Moms and will do it again on December 10th.

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