Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life keeps getting in the way...

Of my blogging! I need to be better at this, I know!

In the course of the last few weeks we have finished unpacking! (Except for those blasted foot lockers.) A few changes to the furniture arrangements and we still need to decorate, but we are working on it. Here are the highlights:

After a few very sleepless nights, Declan and Abigail let it be known that they need to share a room. So, we now have a play room/guest room upstairs.

The dining room is back to being functional, and I plan to at least finish taping off the wall we are painting this week. I'd really like to start painting, but that may be next week's goal.

We have decorated for St. Patrick's Day with some window clings and Declan and I will be hanging Shamrocks as we get closer.

Preparations have started for Abigail's first birthday parties. Can you believe its almost been a year? Abi is having her friends over on her actual birthday and we are having family up on the 2nd. I can't wait to see her eat her chocolate cake!

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