Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Final(ish) PCS Step

Well, just when we thought we were on track to leave Germany on time, the inevitable happened... an Alwine ended up in the hospital. No, not me this time, Steven! While rushing to get those last army things done Thursday afternoon, he slipped on the ice and broke his leg/ankle in 3 places. And then it started snowing, of course. So, in the midst of the snow, I walked up to the hospital to learn he would need surgery, sometime within the next week. So, long story short, the kiddos and I flew home on Saturday and Steven is in Landstuhl living it up until his surgery. Then he'll fly back here and we'll do a late visit from Santa and start the next leg of our adventure, no pun intended.
(And for those of you curious about just how I got home from Germany with 6 bags and 2 babies, stay tuned. That trip deserves a post all its own.)

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  1. You are my hero! Let me know if Steven needs anything! We're not too far away. (We were planning on going tomorrow but Wiesbaden got several more inches of snow today giving post a 2 hour delay tomorrow morning. That will make Matt miss his apt in Landstuhl. But we are going one of these days before Christmas.)
    ~Jennifer Hamrick