Monday, August 30, 2010

A Peaceful Morning, Eventually

This morning did not start out peaceful. Declan was awake and loud in my bedroom by 6:45, clamoring for milk, wanting to cuddle (take up the whole bed) and babbling incessantly. After 15 minutes, I gave up. We all headed downstairs and the morning began. Breakfast, two loads of laundry, clean dishes, two changes of clothes and a large glass of iced coffee later, we are all playing outside. Declan alternates between the red car (see picture), his golf clubs, and an empty toilet paper roll. Abigail is content having a front row seat to Declan's antics and is busy blowing bubbles.

I am sipping some more iced coffee and catching up with the world. Its a gorgeous morning in the Shenandoah Valley. The sun is out, the front porch is still covered by shade, the birds are singing, and all is quiet. Except for the occasional rumbling of a truck passing by or the whining of a table saw in the basement.

I am cherishing this time, as I know colder weather and rain await me in Germany in just a few days. As I go home to my wonderful friends, I leave behind the unconditional love of my family. I return to my apartment, with my things and my bed and my (gasp!) husband, I leave the comfort of my childhood home and the spaciousness of a house. I adore the cobblestones and the atmosphere of downtown Wiesbaden, but I will miss the familiarity of my college town, and the ease of asking for directions at the corner store. All in all, it has been an amazing summer. I have discovered a lot about myself and who I want to be.

Here's to the rest of the year. Only four months left in 2010, but I intend to make them fabulous!

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