Friday, September 23, 2011

Running Mom ... That's Me!

My next race is on Sunday. I'm both nervous and really excited! If this were any other race I would have backed out by now. My hip has been acting up, my training is not where I wanted to be, (excuse, excuse, excuse)  BUT, I'm going. Mom and I are packing up the kids and heating to Grandma's where they, along with Aunt Kathy, will watch my kiddos. PopPop is insistent on driving me into New York City and that's just fine by me!

My goal for this race is to run the whole thing. No walk breaks. That's it. I don't even care what my time is, I just want to run. Consistently. I know this race will be full of emotion and I'm hoping that will also work to my advantage. No way can I stop running knowing what the race is commemorating.

Expect a race report on Monday. And hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures.....

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